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The Church of S. Paragorio, one of the main city landmarks

One of the most ancient buildings of Noli, the church was the first cathedral of the town and the main religious symbol of the diocese for several centuries; now it is in the list of italian national monuments. The church is romanesque, but it was built in the 11th century on a first paleochristian basis. Following the legend, the name of the church is due to St. Paragorio and its relics, that arrived in Noli from Corsica carried by the waves. This is of course another example of the strong connection between Noli and the sea, under a historical, commercial and religious point of view. Around the church is possible to admire some antique stone tombs, that are the rest of an ancient cemetery of the town.

Staff Suggestions

Now the church is accessible for individual and groups of visitors...If you have the possibility to spend some time in Noli, this is one of the town sights not to be missed.

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